My dog Trixie

TrixieFour months short of her sixteenth birthday, my darling and much loved dog Trixie who has been my contant companion, passed away on April 19, 2013. Where-ever I went, it was highly likely that she would be with me.
A widely travelled animal, and one of the first to have her own passport, she holidayed in France on numerous occasions as well as spending time on the Italian Riviera. Her travels took her from the snowy Dolomite Mountains in winter to the sandy beaches of the South of France in summer.DSCF0040
She was a miniature Yorkshire Terrier with taste. Enjoying food from numerous gastro-pubs and restaurants, if not personally, always care of a “doggie-bag”. Extremely photogenic, her picture has appeared in the national press, magazines, and various on-line sites.
She possessed a lovely disposition, endearing herself to everyone who met her, even those who felt it unmanly to be seen with a mini dog or “doglet” as I called her. Trixie is and always will be missed.


About Natasha Blair

Travel journalist who enjoys discovering new places in style, where possible, with her dog, a Coton de Tulear, called Poppy. Good food, not necessarily gourmet, is important as is the atmosphere as she also writes about restaurants. Culture is another love, and as she is based in London, she reviews theatre and art exhibitions.
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