Passion Play wins Evening Standard Best Play Award

PASSION PLAY by Nichols,

Passion Play is not to be confused with anything to do with Christ. In fact the reverse, Peter Nichols provocative comedy, the winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Play, deals with trust, complacency, lust, and acceptance.
How secure is what, for all intensive purposes, appears to be a happy marriage? How much will a person accept to keep their marriage together? What secrets do partners keep from each other? All these questions are put to the test in Passion Play, now on at London’s Duke of York’s Theatre.
Alter-egos for the two main characters enhance the script with performances that will keep you enthralled throughout. The cast is headed by Zoë Wanamaker as the trusting wife with Samantha Bond as her alter-ego. Husband, James is played by Owen Teale with Oliver Cotton as his alter-ego.
Portrayed as a happily married couple, their world is turned upside down when a close male friend dies, and his lover, Kate comes to visit. There are very few people who are not pleased to be flattered. James is soon enticed away from his wife by Kate, played by Annabel Scholey, as the young, attractive seductress with a penchant for older men.
Well acted, the play keeps your attention throughout. The story is one that is very plausible, a sad condemnation of how frail our society has become or has it always been so?


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