ZSL London Zoo – A Summer Attraction

Summer Entertainment at ZSL London Zoo

DSCF1732It’s the summer holidays and if you are in London with children of any age, one of the city’s delights is ZSL London Zoo.
Located in Regent’s Park, the zoo is bigger than it appears from theDSCF1717 outside as it stretches from the outer to the inner circle with a pathway under the road. Most animals you can think of and many you won’t are there – tigers, lions, giraffes, penguins, and dragons. (Until I saw them, I thought they only existed in fairy tales!) There are also buildings that house reptiles. I didn’t venture there as slimy things do not appeal, except for fish and there is also a small aquarium with a new seahorse exhibit.
DSCF1745Although some people think it’s unfair to the animals to cage them in zoos, ZSL (The Zoological Society of London) London Zoo is a charity and their work is in the conservation of animals and their habitats, particularly endangered species. There are also many children and grown-ups who have never had the opportunity of travelling far afield. For anyone who likes animals, it is a wonderful experience to see them up close even if it can’t be in their natural habitat.
There are lots of ways to tempt you to spend money. Carnival rides,DSCF1749 face painting, ice-creams, a self-service restaurant and when leaving, we were obliged to go through their large souvenir shop packed with items to tempt us and the children!
This isn’t a cheap day but all of us, two adults and three children, had a memorable day with memories that will last forever. Save 20% by booking online otherwise in peak season expect to pay £25.00 for an adult and £18.00 for a child aged 3 to 15 years.
T. 0844 225 1826


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