New Puppy for Christmas

A New Coton de Tulear Puppy called Poppy

Poppy 2Early in December, I bought myself a Christmas present, a puppy who I named Poppy. She is white, and fluffy with golden markings on her head. She is adorable, but I had forgotten what a lot of work it is to have a puppy.
Potty training isn’t half of it. Getting up in the middle of the night and taking her out when it’s raining and the wind is blowing isn’t exactly one of the delights of having a dog. A puppy also has sharp teeth and loves to play, preferably with its mouth. My ankles and hands have borne the brunt of this with new marks added daily.
I thought by buying a puppy that was registered with the Kennel Club that I was buying one that was as healthy as one could ever be sure of. When I arrived at the breeder, I found eighteen dogs in her home, as well two lots of puppies. Thankfully, according to my vet, Poppy is fine but was I buying her from a puppy farm? When I enquired at the Kennel Club, I was told a breeder needed to be an ‘Assured Breeder’ to be acceptable to them. Sadly their campaign to tell potential dog owners like me this hadn’t reached me until I asked them.
I am used to little dogs. Poppy’s predecessor was a miniature Yorkshire Terrier. The breeder assured me that Poppy wouldn’t grow to more than three kilos while actually giving me feeding instructions for a six-kilo dog. How gullible am I? More than that, my vet weighed her, and laughed when I told him. The moral of the story is, check out your breeder before you buy a dog, and look at what you are getting. Buying a puppy is very emotive. I saw all the things that now concern me, and yet I still went ahead. Well, I also had to travel to the other side of the country, Doncaster, and having gone so far was I likely to return empty handed?
Despite my misgivings she is adorable. Carrying her, however, might not be as easy as I had hoped. She is already three kilos but with luck, and oodles of patience, I have a really gorgeous dog. Well, what do you think?DSCF1887


About Natasha Blair

Travel journalist who enjoys discovering new places in style, where possible, with her dog, a Coton de Tulear, called Poppy. Good food, not necessarily gourmet, is important as is the atmosphere as she also writes about restaurants. Culture is another love, and as she is based in London, she reviews theatre and art exhibitions.
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