Eco Friendly Hotel, Spa & Farm

Mizpe Hayamim Hotel, Spa and Organic Farm
If you are planning to explore the Galilee in the North of Israel, Mizpe Hayamin is worth considering as, not only is it in a good position to explore the area but it is also provides a relaxing environment. Near to Rosh Pina and Safed, the home of Kabbalah, the 97 bed hotel is located in the midst of an organic, eco-friendly farm. The hotel is as self sufficient as it can be growing over 100 different vegetables and 70 varieties of fruit. There are also goats, sheep, and cows from which they make their own bread and cheese.
The benefit of this to guests is the wonderful selection of really fresh food in the main restaurant. Although it is buffet style, which to me is usually down-market, here it is not the case. There is so much choice including hot fish and meat dishes, but it is also a haven for vegetarians because of the variety and choice of dishes. There is also a ‘posh’ restaurant where guests are served at the table. However the food here is at a supplement and given that their main restaurant is so good, we found that we were the only diners on the evening we ate. Well, at least, we had excellent service!
Situated in a wonderful position 600 metres above sea level the farm, which covers more than 150 acres, overlooks the Sea of Galilee with views of the Golan Heights.
The hotel is more like a spa with a very relaxed atmosphere. You are likely to see people in towelling dressing gowns or very casual gear. For those up at 6.50am there is a walk around the farm. During the day there is a variety of classes from painting to ceramics to more energetic workouts in the gym. Needless to say there is a spa offering lots of treatments, a big swimming pool, and an outdoor hot tub.
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  1. Moritz says:

    That sounds really great. The views look stunning, too!


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