The Swinging Sixties celebrated at the V&A


What goes around, comes around and the latest exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum ‘You Say You Want A Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 -1970 evokes an era where 50 years on the country is again going through major changes.

Opening tomorrow September 10, 2016 in partnership with the Levi’s brand, the exhibition examines the five years from 1966 to 1970 when youth culture drove an optimistic idealism, believing it could change the world. The journey takes in the years when an optimistic youth-driven culture argued for radical change across every area of society. Driven by visions of a better way to live rebels pioneered revolutions in identity, belief, politics, consumption, living and communication.

Imagine a Better world. What would you change and why? The issues that had roots in the 60s but still dominate contemporary discourse are explored. This includes environmentalism, globalisation, individualism and mass communication. The question asked is ‘Where do we go from here?’

The exhibition is viewed through music with LPs from the collection of the late John Peel, broadcaster, DJ, producer and journalist. Peel attracted a devoted audience and is one of the most influential music broadcasters of this and any period.

The visit passes through seven distinctive types of revolution: Revolution in identity, ideas, in the street, consuming, living, communicating, ongoing Revolution. What it means today? And what it might mean for tomorrow?


Innovative Sennheiser headphones which automatically come on, help create an immersive experience. A hairdressing salon from Vidal Sassoon, movie reels from Woodstock, an Ossie Clark costume made for Mick Jagger, photographs and music from the Beetles, and original artworks by Richard Hamilton as well as interviews with key figures of the period including Twiggy are among the hundreds of exhibits. The exhibition comes at a timely period in our lives today. So much was achieved at that time and we, the country, need this attitude and inspiration again today.

The exhibition runs until 26 February, 2017 with a series of special events including some for children. Revolutions Weekender from November 4 to 6th is a Festival of Peace, Love and Music with events and activities inspied by the Swinging Sixties.

Most events are free but worth checking on: T. 020 7942 2000

About Natasha Blair

Travel journalist who enjoys discovering new places in style, where possible, with her dog, a Coton de Tulear, called Poppy. Good food, not necessarily gourmet, is important as is the atmosphere as she also writes about restaurants. Culture is another love, and as she is based in London, she reviews theatre and art exhibitions.
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